England 2008

Pendle Hill

.What you looking at Willis?

Gulls day out

Blackpool Promenade

My shadow on Pendle Hill

Blackpool Tower

Nutter Family Grave

Pendle Trail

Candy choices

. tree at Newchurch


Boats for hirer

Witches Galore Newchurchg

. Balloons

Sunset North Sea



England 2008 - Climb to Pendle Hill Summit

Pendle Hill

My recent trip to England, the highlight for me was a perfect day to climb Pendle Hill. Only 6' short of being classified as a mountain.

Pendle Hill guide sign

Pendle Trail

My shadow on Pendle Hill

Witch Way?

View from the Top

Pendle Trail

Penle Hill Summit

. Penle Hill path

Bridge on the Pendle Trail

Clouds over Pendle Hill


Lake Tahoe 2008

Bridge of the Gods

Bridge of the Gods


Horse Thief Lake petroglyps

Columbia River, The Gorge

In May we took a break and headed to Lake Tahoe. Snow was still in the mountain tops so we were not able to get in the hiking we had planned. It was a good thing, took a few days to get use to the altitude.

Columbia River, The Gorge


England 2007


Kirkstone Pass


Hawes in Yorkshire

lunch in Hawkshead

. Pendle Hill

Early Spring I went over to England to visit my Aunt. We rented a car, the silver horse as it was named. Put a few miles on it exploring the Lake District, Lancashire, Yorkshire and our favorite haunts.

Sawry Hill in Lake District


The Valley of Fire, Nevada

Diane & friend

White Tail Antelope Squirrel

Arch Rock

One of our favorite places we have discovered is the Valley of Fire about 40 miles from Las Vegas.



Last July, my niece and I traveled to Disneyland to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It was a early brithday treat from my parents.

Sheridan introduced me to the Buzz Lightyear ride. My skeet shooting experience paid off. After I scored over 300,000 she wouldn't go on the ride with me anymore.

Sheridan & Stitch

Never been on the Tower of Terror. Sheridan said, 'it is fun, you just drop a little.'

Geez o pete.... I was so happy when it was over.


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